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So you have made the decision to paint your home? Painting the interior or exterior of your home is a very exciting project to show your homes beauty and value. That is why when it comes to choosing a pallet of colors to quality of paint they are both very important and intricate choices. Choosing the right color and technique of painting could actually transform the space to look, larger, longer or wider. Here at 1st Choice Home Improvement we have highly trained, skilled professionals who take pride in your home. Working with our professionals will allow your vision to become a beautiful reality.

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You will have peace of mind knowing you are in the hands of professionals and that your home will be treated with respect from beginning to end. We will be glad to have a color and technique consultation with you to make your vision a reality! If you are looking to recreate home, or just have questions, contact our professionals now! Lets create your dream space together! Call us now at 239-265-1872.

Starting Your Project

New to painting? You may feel bewildered by all of the conflicting information on the subject. Our goal is to break the basic painting process into steps, and to address specialized areas of house painting in specific articles. If your project involves house painting, the information we provide can make the difference between an ordinary outcome and a masterful one. With our help, your home can have a gorgeous, professionally painted look.

Fresh Painting Ideas

As our site continues to evolve, we will add a variety of house-painting concepts. Some may seem like common sense, while others might surprise you!

How to Achieve Lasting Results

There’s little point in putting energy and time into a painting project that peels a year later. Our insights and techniques can protect you from this sad fate. Your work can be professional quality at a do-it-yourself price.

Render your home a brand new look by getting it painted using complementing hues which can enhance the charm of living and beauty of the home. We, at 1st Choice Home Improvement, have been serving our clients with our wide range of services for exterior and interior House Painting Fort Myers, Florida. Our team of experts strives to offer quality and satisfactory services to all our customers owing to their professionalism and detailed attention. Whether you are dubious to pick right colors for Exterior House painting Fort Myers or just want to give a pre-painted wall a retouch, we can do it all with utter excellence. We believe that the colors of place we reside in have a direct impact on us and hence should be chosen wisely. For this, you can reach out to our color consultants to get an idea of the best combination.

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